Removing the Home-tab from a WordPress website

So, after a bit of googling, I learned how to change it such that the opening page is NOT “Home”, showing my latest posts. I┬árealize┬áthat this is a desireable feature in a website that’s mainly a blog, but it’s really annoying when the blog-part is just an important add-on.

Anyway, before I start, I should remind the reader that this is the solution that works in the “Twenty Ten”-theme. I imagine that the solution is extremely similar for other themes, but I am no expert.

First off, we must acknowledge that there probably has to be a blog (I didn’t try getting rid of that, perhaps it’s doable?). So you’d better make an empty page for blogging. Also, I assume you want something else than the “home” page to show up (if not, what exactly is the problem?). Make sure to create this page as well. After this is done

Go to settings->reading

here you change “front page displays” from “your latest posts” to “static page” and pick the page you want to show instead of the “home” page. Then you pick your “blog” page and make that the “posts page”.

Now you’re almost done =) The remaining problem is that the template always names the opening page “home”, even if you’ve already given it a different name. To change this:

Go to appearance -> editor -> functions.php (“theme functions”)

Here, look for the line

$args[‘show_home’] = something;

here, something is probably “true”. Setting it to “false” will remove the home-tab from the menu, however, it will still be the opening page. I suppose if you think it would be fancy to have a dedicated welcome-page that people can only access by typing in the URL, then “false” is the setting you want. However, writing ‘Welcome’ will rename the tab to “Welcome”, as I have done here.

That should solve it =) As you see, I’m not telling you how to remove the home, but rather change it into something that you’d want to have anyway.

Hope it helped.